Hardwood floors are an elegant look for your home, but to maintain the beauty of the floors, choosing the correct tools and products is essential. Wood is a durable and strong material, but it can be damaged with cleaning products or excessive amounts of water. Cleaning dirt and debris from hardwood floors also prevents scratches.

The Best Things To Clean Hardwood Floor 1

No Beater Bar Vacuum

Cleaning the dirt and debris from a hardwood floor is easier with a vacuum cleaner, however, vacuum cleaners with beater bars damage the finish on a hardwood floor by leaving scratches. The beater bar on a vacuum cleans a carpet by beating the fibers in the rug to bring debris to the surface. This is not necessary on a hardwood floor and is detrimental to the proper care of your flooring. A dusting attachment on a vacuum can also protect your floor from the damage of a beater bar.

Dry Mop

Dry mops can pick up most of the dust and debris from hardwood floors. The dry mop should not be treated with dusting products when cleaning the floor. Using a dry mop frequently to pick up the dirt from the floor can restore the luster and shine to your floors.

The Best Things To Clean Hardwood Floor 2

Damp Mop

When a hardwood floor must be cleaned, a mop that has all the excess water rung out is all that hardwood floors need to remain in good shape. The type of cleaning product that is used on a hardwood floor depends on the type of finish. Homeowners should use the cleaning product recommended by the manufacturer of the floor to avoid voiding the warranty. Do not use wax on a hardwood floor.

Floor Mats

Floor mats placed at the entrance to a room with hardwood floors remove most of the dirt from shoes. Dirt is the worst enemy of hardwood floors. Area rugs in the home also prevent excessive wear on hardwood floors.


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