Clean lines, contemporary furniture, and bold colors define the modern style of decorating. Modern rooms are sleek with only the basic necessities, leaning toward a more minimalist style of decorating. Unusually shaped furniture made of glass, chrome or wood accents and large accessories with simple lines are prevalent in the modern decorating style. Modern rooms often appear spacious and elegant with little to no patterns on any of the textiles.



Modern furniture is designed with natural elements and materials. Light colored wood, wrought iron, rattan, glass and chrome are often found on the accent tables in a modern living room. Most of the furniture lines are geometric and angular, but there is an emphasis on at least one unusually shaped piece of furniture in each modern room. Interesting curves add depth to the modern decorating style, such as a curved love seat or a coffee table with an interesting shape. This touch of whimsy helps keep the modern room from looking stark.


White is the most commonly used color in a room with modern design. Clean and crisp, white adds brightness to any room while contributing to the spacious appearance of a modern design. Pure white is offset by shades of white, such as cream or bone. You can also find schemes with beige as the primary color. Accent furniture and accessories are often bold jewel colors to balance the austere whiteness of a modern room. Brightly colored vases or a deep red chair will bring warmth to the coolness of a modern room.


Fabrics in the modern decorating style are based on elements of plastic and other synthetic fabrics or on leather and faux animal skins. Fabrics will not have patterns in a modern home, with the exception of the print on the faux animal skin. Simple and elegant, the drapes and rugs are also designed in a plain, single colored fabric. Modern decorating styles emphasize clean lines with a no-fuss attitude on non-essential details.



The modern room will have elegant lighting that is not showcased or presented as anything other than a necessary element. Stained glass or lampshades with fringe are not welcome in a modern style room. Instead, track lighting is prevalent, along with recessed lights. Metal lamps with interesting shapes are used as spotlights, and wall mirrors are frequently used for their ability to reflect and enhance the lighting in the modern room.

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