Vinyl fencing has become very popular in recent years because it is so easy to maintain and durable. It’s also easier to install than most others Depending on the size of the area you will be fencing, give yourself a couple of weekends to complete it. This type of fencing is a bit expensive to install, but because it will last longer than most, it’s worth the initial investment.

Put Up Vinyl Fencing

How To Put Up Vinyl Fencing 1

Step 1

Check with your local building code office to see if you need a permit and what the restrictions are on fencing. Most municipalities have their own regulations concerning how far off the property line and how high a fence may be. Measure your lot and where you want the fence to go. Draw your fencing out on a piece of graph paper, showing where the corners and gate are. This will help you know how many panels, corner posts, and posts you will need to buy.

Step 2

Place small wooden stakes on your lot and string off the area you are fencing. Use a bright spray paint on the stakes to mark where you are placing your gate. Place a stake at every corner and where every post will be. Ask utility companies if they have underground cables or pipes running to your home so you don’t dig into them.

Step 3

Dig out your post holes. They should be 12 inches square for a 5-by-5 post and 10 inches square for a 4-by-4 post. Dig down 6 inches deeper than you want your post to go in and fill it with gravel.

Step 4

Fill the holes with concrete. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for mixing the concrete and determining how long it takes to set. A quick-drying concrete mix is fine to use. Once it’s ready, fill the hole, except for the last inch.

Step 5

Install the posts. Place a small piece of wood on top of the post and tap into the cement with a hammer. Make sure the hollow section of the post is filled with concrete and tap it down to the gravel. Then using a level to make sure it is plumb. Install the corner posts first and then run a string from one corner to the other at the top. This will give you a line to use as a guide to keep the posts in between in a straight line. Once all the posts are installed, allow the concrete to set before you install the panels or you could pull one of the posts off plumb.

How To Put Up Vinyl Fencing 2

Step 6

Install the panels. There are many kinds of panels for vinyl fencing. Each has its own way of attaching to the posts. But they all come with rail brackets and hangers that must be screwed into the posts. Once installed, the panels will slide into the brackets, and the panels will then be screwed to the hangers.

Step 7

Install the gate. Before you begin, cut 2-by-4 boards to fit the gate posts. Slide a piece in each post to give it more strength. Align the bottom of the gate with the bottom of the fence and attach to the back post. This gate back rail will already have a wood insert to attach the hardware to. Predrill the holes in the back post for the hardware for the gate. Attach the hinges to the back rail with hinge lag screws and attach the latch to the post with latch screws.

Step 8

Glue on the post caps. Run a bead of vinyl adhesive around the top of the post and attach the post caps. Push down on the cap for about 15 seconds to give the adhesive a chance to grab on.

Things Needed

  • Vinyl fencing kit
  • Shovel
  • Post hole digger
  • Gravel
  • Concrete mix
  • Wooden stakes
  • String
  • Hammer
  • Small blocks of wood
  • Vinyl adhesive

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