It’s a great way to freshen up a bathroom, get rid of a worn shower unit, or update the look of your shower. Nonetheless, remodeling a shower can be overwhelming. Not only does it take a lot of physical work, but a lot of planning and preparation. Before any work begins, you also have to decide what you want your shower to look like when the remodel is complete. Here’s a few bathroom shower remodeling ideas.



Adding tile or changing the tile in your bathroom shower, while labor-intensive, is one of the best ways to remodel and change the entire look of your shower. Light tile can “open up” a small bathroom and make the shower look brighter and cleaner. Stone tile adds to the value of your house and can give your shower an elegant look. Combining light and dark tiles in a simple pattern can create a sleek, modern look, while decorated tiles can be used to create the atmosphere of anything from a Mexican Villa to an English cottage. Textured and curved tile can add to cleaning time but can also be used to create daring and unusual looks.

Drop-In Liner

For a quick and easy remodel, drop-in liners can be a great choice. They are easy to clean and easier than tile to install. They also come in a huge variety of colors and textures. Today’s high quality liners are sometimes difficult to distinguish from tile. Liners also allow you to easily change the shape and size of your shower. A small square shower can easily be transformed into a quarter round or large square. A bland bathroom can get some instant pizazz with a brightly colored shower liner, or a dark bathroom lightened up with a crisp, white shower liner.

Remove Door Or Walls

Removing doors and walls might take the most work, but it can also have the most dramatic effect. Turn full shower walls into half walls, or, with proper drainage, remove the walls entirely and install a circular shower curtain. Removing doors and walls also allows creative shapes to be used. A half-circle shower takes about the same floor space as a small square shower, but adds visual drama and feels bigger when showering. Freeform shapes and nautilus shapes are also a great way to add drama to your bathroom shower. Also consider three-quarter walls and glass block walls.

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