Traditional country homes exhibit many characteristics of the 19th-century European farmhouse; handmade country quilts, an abundance of floral patterns, hand-carved furniture and wooden floors are a few signature accents of this theme. The subtle designs and simplistic styles of traditional country decorating can create a comforting, relaxed but inspired living space.



Traditional country home decorating styles create an informal and casual ambiance ideal for entertaining and relaxation. These homes feature simple fixtures, light maple, and pine furnishings and are typically decorated with homemade crafts, homespun fabrics and family heirlooms. Nostalgic touches and a rugged, nature-inspired look create a warm and cozy feeling throughout the home, and many accents and decorative pieces may have been passed down through the generations.


Traditional country decorating can take the theme of the classic English Tudor mansion, the English country cottage, a French country home, a New England country home, and a Spanish colonial style home. Rustic country charm has evolved from the simplistic styles of the 1800s to the more robust styles of the 1950s. However, many of the undercurrents of this nostalgic look are based on European country styles in France, Italy, England and Spain.


A pleasing, charming and warm ambiance is created with the country home style, and the effect is accomplished with soft lighting, oversized lampshades, wood furnishings and framed antique pictures or photographs throughout the home. Most of the furniture and accessories within the room will match, but collectibles, memorabilia, and antiques may have their own designated spaces on shelves and countertops in each room. Handmade country crafts, homemade floral wreaths and flower bouquets, and large jars filled with potpourri enhance this comforting and relaxing living space.


A classic country home is decorated with nature-inspired artwork, wooden floors and rugged floor coverings, and simple leather or iron fixtures. The neutral color palette includes shades of light gray, yellow, beige, brown, forest green, red and black. The textures of coverlets, draperies and window treatments make it easy to identify a traditional country home; coverlets are commonly made with patchwork designs of velvet, silk, and cotton, while draperies and window treatments are trimmed with lace or covered with embroidered flowers. The home will also be decorated with a distinct flower or plaid design to create a classic, nostalgic look. These rustic themes are also present in the furniture; hand carved coffee tables, dressers, armoires, desks, and bookshelves can be found throughout the home.



Furnishings in a country home are typically handmade by local wood carvers or imported from Europe. Vintage antiques such as old clocks, wall hangings, table centerpieces and candle holders are other accents that will create the nostalgic, homestyle look. The rustic charm is further enhanced with wicker baskets, antique silverware and china sets, framed black and white photographs, a large copper and iron cookware in the kitchen, and stained glass bottles decorating the windowsills. Blue and white porcelain dishes, handmade pottery and European china platters hanging on the walls are other common accents of the traditional country home.

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