I have been researching hedging plants lately, nothing seemed to be perfect, or if it was, couldn’t get it, or for the amount I need to cover 100ft long fence, an amount of money I can not afford. Then it suddenly struck me why not take some cuttings from my Forsythia. It’s the perfect hedge plant grows quickly, is in full leaf before any other deciduous shrub in the garden. How wonderful it would be to look out and see a whole hedge of bold and beautiful yellow flowers so early in the springtime, much better than the single specimen I have now.

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Decided to check the net and see how easy it is to propagate by cuttings. Apparently can be grown from cuttings with extreme ease so long as you choose stems from new growth. Cut a three to six-inch section, and place the end into damp soil, make certain the soil does not dry out to foster rooting. You may also take cuttings of new growth, make them between 12 to 18 in length strip the leaves from lower 6 in portion, put them in a bucket or vase with a little sugar water, top up water on a regular basis, roots should show within about 6 weeks.

Best Shrub for Home Decor 2

Transplant rooted cuttings at any time. However, the transplanting of mature Forsythia plants is best done while the plants are a dormant period in the winter months. So I took about 40 cuttings, it needed to be pruned anyway, they now stand on my deck in a couple of old vases waiting for roots to sprout(hopefully)

The new pond is coming along nicely, nearly everyone is helping out, we have just about another 6 in to dig, then it should be approx 4ft deep, the older pond is only 3.5 ft, thought we would give it an extra 6 in, occasionally some fish didn’t survive the freeze, but I feel this was more due to the pond thawing and refreezing trapping the fish between layers of ice. The new pond is not going to be anywhere as big as the other 36ft long by about 7ft wide, Just didn’t feel we could face having to dig another hole that big n solid clay, on the surface it will look just as large, but beneath it will be one 11ft x7ft x4ft deep pond in which the fish can over winter with a shallower addition of only a foot in depth connected on the left-hand side, for the fish in summer months and the addition of more water plants, most water plants are marginals and prefer the shallower depths to live in. So I couldn’t have many in the old pond it was too deep.

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  • Special Thanks to Ricardo Marquez for the lovely photo!