Kitchen tiles are not only on the floor. Tiles as backsplashes create a focal point in the kitchen. A wall mural, which covers the whole wall space between the cabinets and counters, is an attractive option. Counter tiles add warmth and are resistant to heat. Tiles accent any kitchen with all the colors, styles, patterns and material available.

Kitchen Tile Decorating Ideas 1


Kitchen tiles are ceramic, porcelain, cement, glass, granite, marble and metal. Ceramic tiles are popular because there are so many colors, sizes, and styles. Porcelain tiles are ceramic tiles fired at higher temperatures. They are stronger than ceramic and harder than granite. Cement tiles are not fired. Glass tiles are versatile because there are so many options. Even studio artists create art glass tile. Glass tile is reflective, bringing light into the kitchen. Granite and marble are a natural stone that comes in a wide variety of colors and textures. Metal tiles consist of stainless steel, copper, and bronze.

Kitchen Tile Decorating Ideas 2


Backsplashes create a focal point when they are colorful and unique. Add an accent to art on tile mixed with smooth or textured tiles. Murals on tumble stone tiles add a touch of the unique. Tumble stone is marble with pits and rounded corners. Ceramic and porcelain tile offers decorative designs that, mixed with a mural or an abstract pattern, are different. Add a border to frame-in the backsplash. Stamped metal across the length of a backsplash adds a dramatic look. Try a solid color of glass tile as a backsplash to reflect light. Countertops are rich looking in granite tile. Try 12-by-12 inch tiles instead of a solid granite slab. Tiles are less expensive and lighter than a granite slab. Continue the tiles onto the backsplash for continuity. Large 20-by 20-inch tiles on the countertop require little grout. Add the same tiles on the backsplash, but place in a diamond pattern for an impressive look. Use colored grout to accentuate the tile.


  • Special Thanks to Ricardo Marquez for the lovely photo!