These days, kids grow up at an incredibly fast pace. This makes it very challenging to design their bedroom and buy furniture which is stylish and durable. Luckily, there are many fun, creative and innovative ways to make their bedrooms look beautiful and to stand the test of time. Whether you are looking for furniture for girls or boys, you can find a wide range of products with many designs in the market.

Kids Bedroom Furniture Ideas 1

The most important furniture item in your kid’s bedroom is the wardrobe. Wardrobes have the biggest impact on the appearance of the room so they must look good. You can spice up the room by buying an antique or getting a custom-made wardrobe. You can paint them with your kid’s favorite cartoon character, sports o favorite color.

Flat pack wardrobes are the cheapest option, but they are not as tough as hand-made or factory assembled designs. However, remember to check the quality of the hinges to ensure they are attached well when you are shopping. Also, assess the drawer mechanisms to make sure they are firm.

There are several options you can choose from, including well-built kids beds, cabin bed, storage, and bunks. Here are some kids’ bedroom furniture ideas that could help.

Bright Colors

One idea is to match the furniture color in a clever way. You can use two to three of your kid’s favorite colors and mix them together. For example, if you choose to use green and yellow, you can buy a yellow bed and a green duvet to compliment the room. Bright colors can make a room look fun and brings a happy mood.

Proportion and Size of Kids Bedroom Furniture

These two factors are very crucial when choosing bedroom furniture. This is because the room might look swamped if the furniture is too big, and if they are too small your kid won’t have enough space for storage. You should try as much as possible to minimize usage of space by using designs which help make a room look more spacious and still fit wardrobes, beds, a study table and bookshelves. For example, you can buy furniture with multiple functions.

Here are some examples of furniture items which save space:

  • TV stand with media storage
  • Coffee table which has drawers
  • Wall of a unit which has open shelves for display.

However, ensure you take measurements of furniture before you buy so as to save space for the kids to play.

Movable beds and tables with wheels are the best for children sharing one room. This is because each child can customize the space available by tucking one bed under the other during the day to create more space. This makes it fun for kids and is also exciting because of the unique shapes they can create when moving the furniture.

You can also buy fun rolling bed units and put them on comfortable child sized couches. This maximizes work, relaxation and playing space in the daytime and can also be used as a sleeping place during the night.

There are thousands of frames and beds to choose from. When shopping for a bed frame, consider the age and height of your kid and ensure it will still leave enough space in the room. You can also a get a bed which has a headboard with shelves or a base that can be lifted to reveal space for storage. Fold Out beds are also available in many shops. However, they have few chances of lasting for a long time and are not very comfortable.

Kids Bedroom Furniture Ideas 2

Kids Bedroom Appearance

Appearance is very important. There are many furniture designs to complement every unique taste and style. Freestanding wardrobes give a room a comfortable relaxed style have been designed to fit in the average sized bedroom, but it is always important to take the measurements first. For a formal and more streamlined look, choose fitted wardrobes. They also have the advantage of having more storage space. In addition, you should check out the height of your wardrobes rail before you buy.

There are many furniture items you can buy for your kids available in every design and style you can think of, from polished wood to classic brass, contemporary metal, and sumptuously upholstered styles. Use these ideas when choosing kids bedroom furniture.


  • Special Thanks to Ricardo Marquez for the lovely photo!