Decorating with mirrors can add instant drama to a room. Mirrors are a functional and inexpensive way to decorate. They look great almost anywhere and can be found at garage sales to high priced home decor stores. Mirrors can be hung on walls, placed on tables or be used to create a piece of art. Mirrors not only add space but with the right design can show off the spirit and personality of the owner. This article will give you tips and tricks to properly decorate with mirrors.


Step 1

Plan your design. Decide which room and on what walls your mirrors will hang. Choose a design that fits the style you want to project in the room.

Step 2

Create a collage. Pick mirrors of varying sizes and shapes. Hang these mirrors in a random pattern on the wall within a few inches of each other for a unique and artistic look.

Step 3

Open up the room. Hang square or rectangular mirrors to make a room feel larger. This can be accomplished by using floor-to-ceiling mirrors, or by hanging large rectangle mirrors vertically for height and horizontally for width. This look needs a minimum of 3 mirrors to take effect.

Step 4

Add class and sophistication. Hang round mirrors in the center of the wall to add a fancy and classic feel. Hang the large mirror in the center and two smaller mirrors on both sides for a balanced design.

Step 5

Use mirrors to hide ugly tabletops. Instead of throwing a coffee table away, cover it with a mirror. This will instantly transform the table into a classy piece of furniture that will look great in any room.

It is not that hard to create a wonderful room. Surely, by applying these tips you can easily make your room looks more engaging and comfortable.

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  • Special Thanks to Ricardo Marquez for the lovely photo!