Purchasing a new house is exciting but decorating it is truly a labor of love. If you have an artistic flair or a love for fashion, you will have a great time decorating your new house. A few pieces of furniture, decorative pieces and elbow grease, will get you on your way. Of course, if things get tough, you can always hire a professional decorator to handle some of the bigger, more difficult tasks.


Step 1

Map out a plan for each room. Start off by measuring the dimensions of every room. This information will come in handy when picking out rugs, wood flooring, and furniture. Pick a decorative theme or color scheme. Having an idea of how you’d like to decorate, will help you organize your materials in an efficient manner. For example, a child’s bedroom might have a whimsical, cartoon character theme while the adults’ bedrooms might be more conservative. Also, the kitchen and bathrooms will entail a unique decorating plan of their own.

Step 2

Paint the walls or put up wallpaper. You can choose one main color for the walls such as light blue or eggshell white. You can also paint each room a different color. Beautiful wallpaper is an option that can be used for the general theme of the house.

Step 3

Choose wooden or carpeted floors. This is important because both types of floors can set the mood for the entire home. Wooden floors usually give a home a more classy and sophisticated look, while carpeting gives a home a cozy and comfortable feel.


Step 4

Buy all the furniture including electronic equipment like stereos and TVs. It is helpful to have a theme when you go to choose your furniture. You may want the couches to be brightly colored or all the wooden pieces to be white, or you may want to go for darker colors when choosing your pieces. Make sure it is something you can live with for a long time.

 Step 5

Add decorative touches in the form of throw rugs, artwork for the walls. Lighting fixtures such as chandeliers and Tiffany lamps add a spark of personality to your home that can be reflective of your personal character. Patterned throw rugs, photographs or framed paintings on the walls will give your home a warm and pleasant feel.

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