Children and adults have been fascinated with horses since humans could first produce art. Cave paintings and sculptures from the earliest times of our existence depict these noble creatures. Children seem to delight in pictures of animals and if there is a horse enthusiast amongst your young ones, what better way to decorate her room than with the animals she loves? A great way to do this is by creating a horse stencil and decorating the child’s room with a multitude of different beautifully colored horses.


Step 1

Create the stencil by tracing a picture of a horse in a pose that you like. Carefully draw around only the outside frame of the horse. Alternatively, you can print the stencil provided here, on regular printer paper. Carefully cut the horse shape out of the paper with a box cutter.

 Step 2

Lay the tracing or print over a sheet of heavy card stock. Trace the shape of the horse onto the heavy-duty card stock with a pencil.

Step 3

Cut the horse out of the card stock using the box cutter. The card stock will be thick and difficult to cut. Firmly secure the card stock with one hand while you trace the horse outline with the blade. Flip the cardstock sheet over and make sure the blade has cut all the way through on every section of the horse before placing your finger on the horse and gently pushing it out.


Step 4

Mix your three colors together in different trays. Blend each mixture to contain a little bit of the other colors so that the stencils will look as if they are transitioning between your color choices.

Step 5

Dab your sponge into the paint and let the excess paint drip into the tray. Hold or tape the stencil to the wall and dab the sponge across the stencil. Repeat until you have created the horse stencil pattern you desire while being sure to incorporate a range of colors and color mixes. Let the paint dry, and you have a cost-effective horse decorated room for your child.

Photo Credits

  • Special Thanks to Samantha Simpson for the lovely photo!