Decorating a nursery for your baby can be a pricey endeavor, and the same old nursery themes leave no room for creativity. The following ideas will help you stay under budget and enable you to create an original and exciting bedroom for your family’s newest member.

Decorating Ideas for Baby Rooms 1

Forget Themes

Stores, catalogs, and websites are full of the latest and hottest nursery themes. Rather than being an easy way to decorate your baby’s room, the themed decor is a great way to spend a lot more on items for your baby’s room. It’s not enough just to buy that cute zoo animals quilt; you also have to have the zoo animals rug, lamp and lampshade, and the matching curtains and valance. Instead of buying every item in a certain line of products, choose one or two items that inspire you. If you really want your child to have that zoo animals quilt, buy it. Then pick accessories that coordinate with the colors in that quilt, and pictures of animals for wall art. This keeps your baby’s nursery from being too “matchy,” and prevents visual boredom.

Ditch the Pastels

Rose pink and powder blue may be the traditional colors for a nursery, but your baby will probably not be that interested in these soft and subtle hues. Babies actually see high-contrast colors much better than lighter shades and are more interested in vivid patterns than tiny and delicate prints. If you choose a bold and bright color scheme for your baby, the room’s decor may last well into your child’s preschool years. If you feel you have to decorate in pastels, be sure to use splashes of color and bold patterns around the crib to give your baby visual stimulation.

Get Crafty

Decorating Ideas for Baby Rooms 2

Use your crafting skills to create custom-made accessories for your baby’s nursery. Baby-friendly curtains may be over your budget, but you can buy cheaper white curtains and use ribbons or buttons to embellish them yourself. You may not be able to afford the coordinating zoo animal lamp, but you can dress up a white lampshade with a playful applique or animal buttons. Don’t be afraid to experiment, especially when you’re working with cheap materials. It’s okay to mess up on your first or fifth try, as long as you end up with something you love for your baby’s room. If crafting isn’t your thing, find a friend who’s handy with a glue gun and enlist her help with your latest project. Make sure you give her at least a little room to be creative and don’t forget to take your friend to lunch as a thank-you. With a little creativity, decorating your baby’s room can be reasonably-priced, and your nursery will have the added advantage of being one-of-a-kind.

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