You do not have to spend a great deal of money decorating your child’s room. Children love color, imagination, and creativity. Depend on paint, your child’s artwork, bright colors, a focal point and the restoration of old items. With these ideas, a theme and two to three colors, you can decorate your child’s room without spending a fortune.



Children love primary and secondary colors such as red, blue, green, orange or yellow. Paint the walls a bright color or paint one wall a bright color and use it as a focal point. Another approach is to keep the walls neutral and add an accent with painted trim, painted shelves and painted furniture. Add color with accessories such as pillows, curtains, lampshades, frames for artwork and desk items. Add color with print and plaid fabrics. Use a bright comforter or bright sheets. Buy plastic colored containers for toys or storage. Create a mural on one wall.

Child’s Items

Construct a shelf across the top of the wall and place some of your child’s stuffed animals or collectibles on display. Pick up a cheap bookcase at the hardware store to display books and favorite DVDs. Frame your child’s artwork with colorful frames purchased at the discount store. Make a collage of the artwork. Make mobiles from your child’s interests, and hang them from the ceiling. If your child loves baseball, for example, make mobiles out of pictures of baseball players or even baseballs. If your child loves ballerinas, make a mobile out of ballerina shoes. Paint one wall with blackboard paint, and let your child draw pictures and design the wall.


Old Items

Paint an old desk and chair with a primary color such as red, blue or yellow. Cover pillows with fabric and toss them on the floor for a place to sit, play and read. Use an old door or piece of plywood for a headboard. Cover it with padding and bright fabric. A colored picket fence is another headboard idea. Spray paint wicker laundry baskets and use them for storing toys. Cover large cans with contact paper, and use them for holding pens, pencils, and scissors. Use an umbrella stand to store tall toys and sports items. Make a duvet cover out of two sheets. Make a lamp out of popsicle sticks. Use items as wall displays. If your son loves fishing, display an old fishing rod and net. If your daughter loves horses, display an old horse bridle or blanket.

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