Replacing your carpet may seem a daunting task, but often tends to be a much-needed chore after several years depending on the grade of carpet. While this task can add up quickly in cost based on the square footage being done, the stairs often are one of the most costly parts of the project. Before going to get quotes, it is best to have a good estimate of the square footage of the area you are going to cover. While the room square footage is easier, calculating the area for the stairs can be a little more complicated.


Step 1

Draw a diagram of the area you are going to carpet. If the stairs have landings, remember to include these in your diagram.

Step 2

Measure the width of the stair with the measuring tape. This is the direction across the stair, from the railing to wall.

Step 3

Measure the height of the stair. This is also called the depth–the number of inches the stair rises before stepping on the next stair.

Step 4

Measure the length of the stair from the back of the corner to the front end.


Step 5

Count the number of the stairs in the area that is going to be covered.

Step 6

Determine the square footage by adding the height and length together. Then multiply the width by the newly added measure of the length and height.

Step 7

Add at least 2 more feet on each end for the stairs in case extra is needed.

Tips & Warnings

  • Installers at a store will charge an extra fee per step installed.
  • Take note of the pile direction during installation. The pile runs with the length of the carpet, not the width.

Things Needed

  • Measuring tape
  • Paper and pencil

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