Is it time to clean your hot tub after months of having a wonderful spa experience? Hot tub cleaning is not that difficult. If you follow three basic steps, this job is quite easy. The three steps of hot tub cleaning are sanitizing the water, balancing the water level and filtering the hot tub water.

How to Clean Hot Tub to keep it in Good Working Condition 1

First, start with sanitizing the water. Chlorine or bromine based chemicals are used to sanitize the hot tub water. These chemicals are available in tablet form which slowly dissolves into water. While using the hot tub chemicals, you should be careful. You should wear hand gloves when adding chemicals to the water. Silver ions, ozone and copper ions can serve as alternatives to sanitizing agents. Their effectiveness increases only when bromine or chlorine agents are added.

The second step is balancing the water level. This is maintaining the right acid levels of the hot tub water as the efficacy of the sanitizing agents and the clarity of the hot tub water depends on the right acid or pH levels of water. The pH level is maintained by adding a small amount of base or acid in granular form to water. Litmus-style test strips are available in the market. They help to measure the hot tub chemicals and the acid levels of water easily and quickly. The strips change color when they come in contact with water.

How to Clean Hot Tub to keep it in Good Working Condition 2

The third and the last step is filtering the hot tub water. This also includes cleaning the hot tub filters. Most hot tubs are designed with built-in filtration system with filter cartridges that can be replaced. In order to ensure that the filtration system of your hot tub works well, you should properly clean and also replace the filter cartridges on a regular basis. Always keep spare filters so that your hot tub does not remain useless when you have removed the filters for cleaning them. Placing wet filters inside the hot tub is a strict no-no. Place the filters only when they have got dry.

Therefore, following these three steps, you can clean your hot tub easily. You should try to clean your hot tub at least once a month.

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